Let us celebrate our history on the 10 year anniversary of T.I.M.E. society Web site

We also celebrate the 22 year anniversary of T.I.M.E. society, which we started in August 1988, when it was the end of previous era called SHOWA period in Japanese calendar. At first, T.I.M.E. society was temporarily conducted by Prime Interface Co. Ltd., whose president was Mr. Wachi, the chairperson and promoter of T.I.M.E. society. We have highly appreciated their gratuitous work which covered all kinds of service for the society members such as planning, announcements, and arrangements of regular meetings and documenting society activities.

When T.I.M.E. society was 5 years old, the number of society members was increasing. Therefore, in June 1993, we launched the steering committee to operate the society on our own, and since then the steering committee meetings have been held almost every month for over 17 years. Gradually, our activities have been getting more systematically and independently: one of the most significant events is that Mr. Iwasaki accepted the position of administration office in May 1997. He introduced incredible efficiencies and flexibilities into society members' service. As a result, we have been fully and timely informed of details of meetings with our preferences, such as by e-mail, by fax, or by mail.

In 2000, we published this T.I.M.E. society Web site, which was proposed by Mr. Nimura, one of the steering committee members. Then we established our Web site operation office whose officer is Mr. Nimura. He has worked hard on utilizing the Internet for the society members and in result we have been able to use the Internet service easily and conveniently without any security worries.

The Web site now allows that any user can go through a huge number of archives of activities at any time from any place. Also, our Social Networking Site has allowed the society members to communicate with each other. It was memorable that it allowed Ms. Kurose, formerly Ms. Kawahara, to share the activity issues with other members remotely during her stay in Spain.

Since we published this Web site, for 10 years, the site has been expanded timely and frequently to catch up with IT infrastructure and to enable ease of use and understanding.

In this 10 anniversary year, we are happy to have added "The Room of Mr. Hiroshi Kagawa" into the rooms of society members, which was proposed by Mr. Iwasaki and Mr. Nimura. It published a magnificent history of Mr. Kagawa, who has deeply contributed HUMAN CUM and T.I.M.E. society. We are also happy to have English pages here for English readers, including our honorary chairperson Mr. Bob Dorney and his friends. Regarding accessibility improvement, now we can update the site from mobile phones.

According to the study conducted by Google, the number of URLs already exceeded trillion in 2008. It shows that the Internet infrastructure has enabled us to access to a large volume of sources and to make our life convenient. But, we should know at the same time that it has the side effect, which has enabled us to drown in the flood of information.

While we are now required to have concrete insights to choose some kinds of life-enriching information in these days, we are proud that we've positioned our Web site as the virtual communication aid to support the real face-to-face relationship admiring certain qualities each other in the society. Therefore, our Web site have kept giving the ease and comfort to the visitors even its looks has been updated.

On this occasion, we'd like to appreciate all efforts to support this Web site and administration office by Mr. Nimura and Mr. Iwasaki and hope further development of the T.I.M.E. society.

December 28th 2010
Tomoaki Ogawa, Chief of Steering Committee