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We, TIME society, are learning and seeking ways to implement the philosophy of Bob Dorney, who has created and developed DAY-TIMER well known as time planning kit. Bob’s philosophy is an action philosophy to help us to utilize our 24 hours a day, which are given equally but limited as valuable resources, at a maximum with a goal that we keep saving our own most precious time from the busy lives.

This Web site, initially published only in Japanese, has been added English pages to share Bob’s philosophy with more people than before. All contents here are the manuscripts of lectures which Bob has given to TIME society. We have published them with Bob’s permission.

We hope that we can share Bob’s philosophy with as many people as possible on this Web site, and that it helps you to have worthwhile lives with rich and fruitful time.

January 1, 2009
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Mr.Dorney's brief career history is here.


Congratulations on Your 25th Anniversary(June 18, 2013 Bob Dorney)
★Let us celebrate our history on the 10 year anniversary of T.I.M.E. society Web site
(December 28th 2010 Tomoaki Ogawa, Chief of Steering Committee)

Bob Dorney’s lecture manuscripts

★RICHES(January 27,2008)
★My Life and Time-Management( June 3,2006)
★Who am I? ( October 11,2003)
★TIME AND LIFE PLANNER( October 4,1997)

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This Photo Album includes some pictures of 1991,1995,1997,1999,2000,2006 and 2008.
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